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Stories from the Law Desk: Chapter 3 – The Bank of Mum and Dad

3 May 2022

One couple at the table who had a married daughter with three small children were contemplating some financial assistance for their daughter and son-in-law to extend their small regional home. The question then is; was this proposed transfer a loan or is it a gift? And following that question; what are the implications of either scenario?

What do you do if you receive a Director Penalty Notice (DPN)?  

13 April 2022

Receiving a DPN may have some serious financial consequences for you as a director. Learn about what you can do when you receive a DPN.

Stories from the Law Desk: Chapter 2 – Communication, or rather, lack of it

9 February 2022

What a mess can be created when communications with your client are not regular and clear. If your company is to enter into an important contract and you need advice to ensure that the contract is correctly worded and executed, we can assist.