About our firm

Apres Legal is your trusted legal partner for you and your business.

Our firm’s aim is to deliver realistic, cost effective, commercial solutions for your legal needs.

Apres Legal’s staff have had extensive commercial experience running a broad range of businesses including manufacturing, hospitality, aviation, aerospace, education, building and construction, property development and information technology.  

This places our firm in the unique position of actually understanding the pressures and requirements of running a business. 

Our role is to ensure that you don’t make the mistakes of many in your unique position.  Issues such as securing your personal loan to your business,  ensuring that your company’s credit terms provide maximum security for credit offered to your customers,  protecting the intellectual property of your business, understanding the legal implications of a particular agreement you are about to execute, collecting bad debts etc. are all the types of matters of which a business owner should seek their trusted legal advisor’s advice. 

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our firm’s legal services are tailored to meet your needs. 

Peter Nicholls
Principal Lawyer
[email protected]

Apres Legal is a commercial law firm offering:

Business and Commercial

Business structures, asset protection, shareholder agreements, credit applications, terms of trade, privacy issues, consumer law advice, preference claims, business sales and acquisition, contract drafting and review, succession planning, commercial and retail leasing, debt recovery, trust formation and advice etc.

Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) advice

Securing payment from creditors, securing equipment on hire/lease, securing loans made to your business, registering your interest on the PPSR.

Insolvency, bankruptcy and distressed assets

Minimising the impact and managing the legal issues relating to financial distress.

Employment Law

Recruitment, employment conditions and contracts, disputes and termination.

Dispute Resolution

Managing disputes with the aim of concluding matters at a minimum of legal costs in the most expeditious manner.

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Medical Decision makers

Making a will, testamentary trusts, challenging a will, appointment of powers of attorney and medical decision makers when necessary.

Estate Planning

Securing your assets for the next generation and/or other people close to you.

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